Blue Apron Menu With Prices 2022

Hey there! searching at your Blue Apron Food menu? You can get instant access to the last number of finger-licking drinks and food. Take a quick look at the different kinds of food. 

The days are gone when you had to stand in line to get the menu of food items or stare at the signs that you see. To make your experience more pleasant this is the place to go. appealing blue apron menu price that includes the menu of food. Get to know the history of the food served that you are served.

Blue Apron Menu With Prices 2021

Blue Apron Menu With Prices 2022

About Blue Apron: Blue Apron is an American meal kit and recipe delivery company. Weekly boxes contain suggested plans which can be made by the consumer. The company has delivered more than 8 million meals.

 In Blue Apron’s meal box you’ll receive delicious chef-created recipes and responsibly sourced high-quality ingredients. You can also purchase your meal kit or other ingredients wrapped in recyclable ice. 

From vegetarian to signature varieties, there is a myriad of choices to discover your options with the Blue Apron Foodservice. You can use the recipes based on your taste. Design your recipe to have a great time eating.

Blue Apron Menus and Prices

The mix of tastes comes at affordable prices. Blue Apron vegan and meat-based meals based on consumer preferences and taste are delivered instantly. Blue Apron coupons are provided that allow discounts of up to $80, and complimentary meals for the first two days are provided. 

The menu of food includes the most popular ingredients, tasty cuisines, and seasonal dishes. Blue Apron menu prices differ somewhat from place to place.

Blue Apron Menu With Prices 2021

The complete details on Blue Apron price and menu are provided below:

The Blue Apron Prices for 2 Serving Signature Dish

You can pick from a variety of fish, meat, in addition to diabetes-friendly recipes and healthy options.

Recipes per week (Each Serves 2) Prices
2 Recipes $9.99 per serving and $7.99 shipping; $47.95 weekly total
3 Recipes $9.99 per serving and Free shipping; $59.94 weekly total

Price of Blue Apron Meals for 4 Serving Signature Dish

Recipes for families, get-togethers, or left-overs, with a variety of options that change weekly, including meat, fish, and other health-conscious offerings.

Recipes per week (Each Serves 4) Prices
2 Recipes $8.99 per serving and Free shipping; $71.92 weekly total
3 Recipes $7.99 per serving and Free shipping; $95.88 weekly total
4 Recipes $7.49 per serving and Free shipping; $119.84 weekly total

Blue Apron Pricing for 2 Serving Vegetarian Dish

A meat-free menu constitutes dishes that celebrate the best of seasonal produce. The latest Blue Apron menu prices for vegetarian dishes are,

Recipes per week (Each Serves 2) Prices
2 Recipes $9.99 per serving and $7.99 shipping; $47.95 weekly total
3 Recipes $9.99 per serving and Free shipping; $59.94 weekly total

Blue Apron Menu this week

2 Servings

Menu (2 Servings) Calories per Serving & Prices
Cajun Chicken & Pepper-Olive Mayo 980 Cals and $15.99 per serving
Spaghetti Squash & Crispy Prosciutto 500 Cals
Couscous-Stuffed Poblano Peppers 550 Cals
Cavatappi & Yellow Tomato Sauce 610 Cals
Calabrian Chile Butter Steaks 710 Cals
Tofu Katsu & Soy Mayo 840 Cals
Hoisin Pork & Jalapeño Steam Buns 850 Cals
Garlic-Caper Chicken 670 Cals
Turkey Kofta & Tzatziki-Dressed Salad 500 Cals
Parmesan & Panko-Crusted Cod 400 Cals
Sheet Pan Miso Salmon 770 Cals

4 Servings Menu

Menu (4 Servings) Calories per Serving & Prices
Cajun Chicken & Pepper-Olive Mayo 840 Cals, $14.99 per serving
Deviled Chicken & Honey-Chipotle Sauce 620 Cals
Chicken & Wonton Noodle Stir-Fry 740 Cals
Salsa Verde Tilapia 540 Cals
Calabrian Chile Butter Steaks 560 Cals
Pork Chops & Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes 660 Cals
Beyond Burger & Spicy Peanut Sauce 780 Cals

The main ingredients comprise of the following blend of dishes

  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Shellfish
  • Vegetarian

This menu is not permanent and it changes every week, so better check the weekly menu at

Blue Apron Vegetarian Menu this week

Menu (2 servings) Calories per serving
Couscous-Stuffed Poblano Peppers 550 Cals
Tofu Katsu & Soy Mayo 840 Cals
Cavatappi & Yellow Tomato Sauce 610 Cals

Cuisines served are of the following

  • African
  • American
  • Asian
  • British
  • Cajun creole
  • Caribbean
  • Chinese
  • Eastern European
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Mediterranean
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Moroccan
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Seasonal recipes comprise of:

  • Last Week
  • This Week
  • Next Week
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter

To explore the vegetarian menu every week, check out Enjoy the food delicacies!

Blue Apron Nutrition Facts

Blue Apron consistently improvises on chefs to make educated choices regarding diet and nutritional advantages. So, they now provide nutrition information for each recipe they provide for a week and a half ahead. 

The labels include the ingredient list for the recipe along with a breakdown of the nutrients, every day’s value, as well as information on allergens.

Each chef has a distinctive style of cooking that differs from person to. Thus, the caloric value of the food you prepare can vary, without relying on any ingredients introduced in the process. The nutrition facts for every recipe on the official website. 

Go to Menu and then look up the recipe, and look at the calories. When you click “View All You can see additional contents such as carbs, protein, fats, and many more.

Blue Apron Allergen Information

Blue Apron food elements are packed in a way that is also akin to eggs, milk, and shellfish. They also contain fish trees, peanuts, tree nuts wheat, soy, and fish. So, we strongly discourage purchases if you suffer from an acute food allergy.

 Allergen information, facts, and figures are also available obtained one week prior to the date of the introduction of the recipe. Furthermore, make sure that you review the Blue Apron nutrition labels for the necessary health information.

Blue Apron Vegan Menu

If you’re a vegan and would like to test some of the recipes on Blue Apron, you need to taste their Purple Carrot. There are many vegetarian options you can test, but based on numerous reviewers, their Purple Carrot is more delicious and delicious.

Blue Apron Contact Details

Contact Blue Apron to order your meal or for any queries and feedback. 

Contact Number: (646) 891-4349 / For website related issues you can call 1-844-462-8299

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address

28 Liberty St,
New York, NY 10005,
The United States


Blue Apron Near Me

You can locate nearby Blue Apron using the Maps. Currently, there is no official store locator, so you can search Blue Apron near me in Google Maps and it locates the nearest one based on your location.

Blue Apron Hours

The Blue Apron is available Monday-Friday from 9 am-9 pm ET and on Saturday from 11 am-6 pm ET.

Final Words

This is the complete information about the most recent Blue Apron menu prices you are seeking. From moderate calorific content to the healthiest and tasty food, we will provide the most relevant details. Do not overlook the contents. 

With easy pricing and a menu, Blue Apron offers you an array of meals you can cook yourself. You can enjoy your meal at home with no thought. Look over this week’s Blue Apron menu and prices this week and make an order to taste the delicious taste that is Blue Apron. Enjoy your meal at Blue Apron. I hope you find it useful!

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