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What is an ICD-10 code book for medical coders?

Medical coders read clinical documentation to extract diagnoses from patient records and then translate those diagnoses into ICD-10 codes. While many coders use ICD-10 lookup software to help them, referring to an ICD-10 code book is invaluable to build an understanding of the classification system.

What is ICD-10-CM?

Used for medical claim reporting in all healthcare settings, ICD-10-CM is a standardized classification system of diagnosis codes that represent conditions and diseases, related health problems, abnormal findings, signs and symptoms, injuries, external causes of injuries and diseases, and social circumstances.

What do the letters in ICD 10 codes mean?

Remember—an ICD-10 code always begins with a letter and is followed by 2 numbers. The first 3 characters refer to the code category. As such, they represent common traits, a disease or group of related diseases and conditions.

What is ICD-10-PCS?

ICD-10-PCS stands for the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Procedure Coding System. As indicated by its name, ICD-10-PCS is a procedural classification system of medical codes. It is used in hospital settings to report inpatient procedures.

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