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Do you like to eat, drink, play and watch sports in one place? How about getting free food after playing games? If you like to do it, then visit your nearest Dave and Buster’s outlet.

After your visit to the outlet, save your receipt and address your browsers to the official website www.DandB-survey.com of Dave and Buster’s survey.

Share your valuable experience and give feedback to the company about your recent visit to their store by taking Dave and Buster’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

I have even collected the necessary information for you regarding important eligibility and rule guidelines to help you an knowing of the eligibility process.

To do so, the famous brand offers their customized online customer survey to get valuable customer feedback on a common platform. Dave and Buster’s Guest Experience Survey is known as the DNBSurvey.

In return for taking part in such surveys, the company offers rewards to their participants in the form of a coupon code. Today I am going to discuss Dave and Buster’s Customer Feedback Survey in detail. Let’s get started.

Why is Dave and Buster’s Survey important?

Visit their official website www.daveandbusters.com, you will find details about Dave and Buster’s.

After completing the Dave and Buster’s Guest Feedback Survey, every customer gets Dave and Buster’s Coupon Code as a reward. Dave and Buster’s just want your honest feedback about your Dave and Buster’s Visit Experience.

DandB-survey.com Rewards

Each & Every customer of Dave and Buster’s who successfully completed the Dave and Buster’s Feedback Survey online will receive a Dave and Buster’s Coupons.

So be sure to write down the Dave and Buster’s coupon code on your receipt quickly & keep the receipt with you in order to get your offer.

You can either get one of the most famous Dave and Buster’s free food on your next purchase, depending on your choices.


What you should Need To Take Dave and Buster’s Survey?

There are some basic rules & requirements which you have to be followed in order to complete the DandB-survey successfully.

So, follow it as mentioned below.

DandB-survey.com Rules

  • Participants should be legal occupants of the United States & Canada.
  • Participants must be aged over 18 years.
  • Dave and Buster’s customers can take up to 2 surveys in a month per receipt.
  • Participants should redeem the coupon codes within 30 days after taking the survey.
  • Participants have not ever worked for Dave and Buster’s outlet.
  • The recent employees, partner companies, and their immediate family members are not granted to take the survey.
  • Your purchase receipt is valid for 3 days for taking the survey.
  • Dave and Buster’s have a right to suspend the participant’s coupon with no explanation.

DandB-survey.com Requirements

  • A valid receipt of any Dave and Buster’s restaurant.
  • An internet connection.
  • Anyone of the electronic devices from a computer or mobile device or laptop.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Participants need to have a valid email address.
  • A couple of minutes from your valuable time to take the survey.

Steps To Take Dave and Buster’s Survey @ DandB-survey.com

  • Type the 15 digit survey code from your receipt.
  • Snap-on the ‘NEXT’ button.
  • Now, you can see the survey page with short survey questions.
  • You will furthermore be seen some information about the quality of food, benefit, and the behavior of the staff.
  • Try to answer all questions decently.
  • When you have attended all questions, click “Submit”.
  • Now, you will get a Dave and Buster’s Coupon code toward the finish of the procedure.
  • Note down the coupon code.
  • You’ll require this code to reclaim your next visit to Dave and Buster’s.

Dave and Buster’s Survey – Objectives

The final objective of Dave and Buster’s Customer Survey is to get honest and genuine feedback from customers which will help the company improve customer experience by:

  • Satisfying the customer’s demands and expectations.
  • Estimating the performance of the employees of the restaurants.
  • Enhancing the quality of the food and the service provided.
  • Fixing any problems and complaints at specific restaurants.
  • Building improvements in order to offer the best dining experience for their customers.


This post has given the rules and guidance for taking part in Dave and Buster’s Survey online, so you are now probably able to go and provide your DandB-survey.com.

And in return, receive a Dave and Buster’s Coupon Code as a reward to reclaim the free offer.

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Dave and Buster’s survey FAQs

What are the benefits of Dave and Buster’s rewards program?

The rewards program comes with many advantages. The most notable benefit is that for every $100 spent you can enjoy $10 of free games. Verify that your credit card has been registered to be a rewards card online, or via the Dave and Buster’s App. If it’s registered, you can earn $10 for gratis gameplay.

Can you use more than one coupon at Dave and Buster’s?

You can check the app’s settings under the tab that says “Offers”. Most stores won’t permit multiple coupons per day on a power card. The method to redeem coupons is to visit the store at Dave and Buster’s a couple of times per week to redeem a coupon 20-20 for 20, or a 10 to 10 coupon.

How do I receive the promotional emails from Dave and Buster’s?

To get the emails, you need to sign up for this reward program. Check the box that allows Dave and Buster’s email you promotional emails. Also, make sure to check your spam box or forward all emails sent by Dave and Buster’s to your primary inbox. You’ll get a 10 for 10 print coupon when you sign up. More coupons will be added over the passing of time.

Where are Dave&Buster’s located in the United States?

Find a Dave & Buster’s Location 1 Alabama 2 Alaska 3 Arizona 4 Arkansas 5 California 6 Colorado 7 Connecticut 8 Florida 9 Georgia 10 Hawaii More items…

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