Icd 10 cm coding for the different types of otitis externa


H60.329: Hemorrhagic otitis externa, unspecified ear; Other otitis externa with ICD-9 code 380.22 is divided into seven series of codes in ICD-10 with each including specific codes for laterality. H60.50: Unspecified acute noninfective otitis externa; H60.501: Unspecified acute noninfective otitis externa, right ear

FAQ icd 10 cm coding for the different types of otitis externa

What is the ICD 10 code for otitis externa?

In ICD-10-CM, otitis externa is coded to H60 and H62. The codes are as follows. H60.2: Malignant otitis externa H60.3: Other infective otitis externa H60.5: Acute noninfective otitis externa

What is the pathophysiology of otitis externa?

Chronic otitis externa is often due to an underlying skin disease. Malignant otitis externa, a destructive infection of the external auditory canal in which there is also osteomyelitis of the petrous bone, arises mainly in elderly diabetic or immunosuppressed patients and can be life-threatening. Conclusion

What is the difference between acute and chronic otitis externa?

Acute localized Otitis Externa – Also known as furunculosis, it is associated with infection of a hair follicle. Chronic Otitis Externa – The same as acute diffuse OE, but of greater than six weeks’ duration.

What is malignant otitis externa (otol)?

Malignant otitis externa: a novel stratification protocol for predicting treatment outcomes. Otol Neurotol. 2015;36:1492–1498. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

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