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Topography Codes from ICD-O-2 and ICD-O-3. Figure 24. Groups of Topography Codes from the Second and Third Editions of ICD-O Considered a Single Site in the Definition of Multiple Cancers. Second/Third Editions; C01: Base of tongue: C02: Other and unspecified parts of tongue: C05: … C57.0: Fallopian tube: C57.1: Broad ligament: C57.2: Round ligament: C57.3: …

FAQ icd-0-3 topography codes

Are there any changes to the topography codes in ICD-O 3?

No changes or additions were made to the topography codes in the Third Edition of ICD-O. Topography codes or rubrics C00-C80 are based on the malignantneoplasm section of Chapter II of ICD-10, as noted in the unit on differences between ICD-O and ICD-10.

What does the topography code on a tumor mean?

The topography code indicates the site of origin of a neoplasm; in other words, where the tumor arose.

When to use the topography code provided for site-associated morphology?

Rule H. Site-associated morphology terms: Use the topography code provided when a topographic site is not stated in the diagnosis. This topography code should be disregarded if the tumor is known to arise at another site.

What is the CPT code for topography of leukemia?

Rule E. Topography code for leukemia: Code all leukemias except myeloid sarcoma (M-9930/3) to C42.1 ( bone marrow ).

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