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126 results found. Showing 1-25: ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code R74.8 [convert to ICD-9-CM] Abnormal levels of other serum enzymes. Alkaline phosphatase raised; Elevated alkaline phosphatase; Elevated amylase; Elevated cpk; Hyperamylasemia; Increased creatine kinase level; Macroamylasemia; Serum amylase raised; Abnormal level of acid phosphatase …

FAQ icd 10 code elevated alkaline phosphatase

What is the ICD 10 code for alkaline phosphatase deficiency?

The ICD-10-CM code R74.8 might also be used to specify conditions or terms like absence of renin secretion, absent renal function, alanine aminotransferase level abnormal, alkaline phosphatase bone isoenzyme raised, alkaline phosphatase level – finding, alkaline phosphatase raised, etc

What does elevated alkaline phosphatase mean?

Elevated alkaline phosphatase describes the situation where the levels of alkaline phosphatase exceed the reference range. It can be associated with certain medical conditions or syndromes (e.g., hyperphosphatasia with mental retardation syndrome, HPMRS)

What is the ICD 10 code for elevated serum enzymes?

ICD-10 Diagnosis Code R74.8. Abnormal levels of other serum enzymes. Diagnosis Code R74.8. ICD-10: R74.8.

What is the ICD 10 code for abnormal serum lipase levels?

R74.8 is a valid billable ICD-10 diagnosis code for Abnormal levels of other serum enzymes . It is found in the 2021 version of the ICD-10 Clinical Modification (CM) and can be used in all HIPAA-covered transactions from Oct 01, 2020 – Sep 30, 2021 . Abnormal level of lipase [triacylglycerol lipase]

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